Does Manjaro Apply Clear Linux Optimizations?

I’ve been wondering if Manjaro gets any of Clear Linux’s Optimizations like Pop OS! and Solus does, i tried solus in a vm and it’s so far the fastest distro i’ve ever seen, it boots up in seconds, applications start in an instant, does Manjaro get any of these optimizations from Clear Linux?

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If you have not read about it - probably not.

Considering the last 6 months Manjaro has rank 3 in distrowatch, Pop! OS rank 5 and Clear Linux rank 98, so you should rather ask what Pop! OS and Clear Linux can learn from Manjaro to get more popular. :rofl:

With reasonable hardware, such as SSD and more than 4 GiB menory, all Manjaro distro’s are pretty snappy, I don’t see the need for any specific improvement with regard to the typical user requirements.