Does Linux support 4G/LTE?

I am using a ThinkPad X13 2021 and it has 24 months of free (cost $0) 4G/LTE connect which can be of good use in some places like airport. But on Manjaro it is never connected (on Windows it will automatically connected), can anyone help me how to use it?

Was this never useful for you ?

Linux supports it since ages. I used to use USB dongle that connects with either wvdial or some other package, but these days Network Connection wizard should have built-in support (might need additional modules, but I’m not sure, I have all available modules in both AUR and official repo installed). Here’s an example: this is useful but:

Although it says: successfully connected the modem, there is no change in Connections

Have you tried to manually add it there?

i suggest you used your mobile phone as a modem and share its connection via wifi, nowadays 4g dongle seems to be less useful as yesterdays, but you might not be satisfied with that answer depending on wat device you already have