Does Linux automatically disable an Ethernet port in some situations?

I have a headless Manjaro PC, and sometimes, suddenly I cannot connect to the PC. Re-plugging the Ethernet cable or restarting the router does not fix it. And if I remember correctly, even rebooting the PC does not fix it.

If I connect a USB-to-Ethernet adapter, then I can connect to the PC. In the journalctrl log, I could find repeated kernel lines with Rx Error, status = , sent link down event, and sent link up event.

What I wonder is, if kernel just disables the Ethernet if this continues, until I manually call ip link set .... up or something? If so, can I set the kernel maybe instead of disabling the adapter, to sort of “restart/reset” the network adapter hardware?

Not by default. In fact, by default everything is kept turning on. Only when you have certain power management service installed (powerTOP, LMT, TLP) then they may implement power saving by turning on “unused” devices.

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