Does anyone have experience using Lightcord or a privacy respecting discord client?

Is anyone here a user of Lightcord?

I despise discord on every level but it’s getting harder and harder to not use it.
Apparently I’m getting old and people just don’t use the channels they used to.

Being forced to use it I’d like to preserve as much of my privacy and security as possible, maybe this is a way forward? I’ve also encountered Ripcord but it’s not open software.

I’d love to hear some opinions.

Personally i only started using Discord because some friends had issues with the Mic Chat on Steam. But i switched to Lightcord, because whenever a new version of Discord gets out, you can’t use it until you update – which is not possible until that update reaches stable repos.

As far as privacy goes, AFAIK Discord doesn’t use E2EE and the servers are closed-source, so it’s up to you to trust them. So no better than Steam on that point probably…