Does anybody use Remmina with FreeRDP to connect to Windows servers?

Hello all,

I am well aware of that topic being of interest to a few people only.
As you might have noticed, the Remmina version available from the official repository simply crashes if the connection to the Windows server is no properly configured (such as Remote access not yet being enabled on the Windows side, or credentials being invalid).

Hence, I usually compile Remmina and FreeRDP from sources which at least gives me a more stable Remmina version but is not fully free of pitfalls and hassles.

If anybody is interested I can provide you with a short tutorial on how to compile and install Remmina and FreeRDP from the sources available on Gitlab.

Kind regards.

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I am interested in the tutorial, I hope you can still provide it.

With this latest update (stable Manjaro) I can no longer connect to my windows 2019 server virtualized with “Remmina” and it doesn’t work with “Vinegar” either.
I have already restarted my server, check the RDP configuration.
But from another PC with windows I can do it.

I can also connect to another windows 2012 server without any problem (with Remmina).


I will try to follow the wiki to compile Remmina on Arch.

Indeed, Compile on Arch Linux · Wiki · Remmina / Remmina · GitLab is a good point to start. However, this information is not entirely up to date.

There is a discussion at Remmina compilation instructions to be updated (#2381) · Issues · Remmina / Remmina · GitLab

Most important: If you want to use FreeRDP 3.0.0, you will have to:

git clone --branch 3.0.0
cd FreeRDP

Configure it (note the installation directory - change if necessary):


Compile and install, follow steps 6 - 9 in the Wiki.
Then, change to your Remmina download directory, get Remmina and configure it:

git clone
cd Remmina

Compile and install according to the steps 12 - 14 in the Wiki.

That, basically, should be all you need :slight_smile:

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