Does a big lost+found mean I did something wrong?

I have it on the USB stick where I store my snapshots. I can’t access it, but I see it’s pretty big. Same in the SSD.

Some say its presence means that the system recovered from a critical error. Others say that it’s a necessary part of ext4.

I’m not sure what I could have done that would result in a critical error. I thought that maybe it is because I didn’t unmount and unplug the Timeshift backup USB before rebooting.

Do I need to reinstall because of this?

mklost+found pre-allocates disk blocks to the lost+found directory so that when e2fsck(8) is being run to recover a filesystem, it does not need to allocate blocks in the filesystem to store a large number of unlinked files. This ensures that e2fsck will not have to allocate data blocks in the filesystem during recovery.

mklost+found(8) - Linux man page

So everytime it runs just a check, even if it does not repair anything, it creates this folder. Normally fsck runs on every boot.

So don’t worry, be happy… or something like that :thinking:


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