Docker with nvidia GPU

Hey guys. I’m happy to make my first post here asking for help and I apologize in advance if it is in any way outside the rules.

I need to use GPU with Docker and I’m not able to configure it. Despite following Nvidia documentation official site
I also tried following the installation path using the AUR, which was also unsuccessful on package nvidia-container-toolkit

sudo pamac build nvidia-container-runtime

Warning: Building packages as dynamic user
Warning: Setting build directory to /var/cache/pamac
Error: target not found: nvidia-container-runtime

I’ve tried many things and I can’t do it. I need help. Any information I need to send, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Welcome to the forum! :wave:

The libnvidia-container and nvidia-container-runtime packages were recently imported from the AUR to the Arch repos.

If you switch to the Manjaro testing repo (which will become the next stable update very soon), you can install the aformentioned packages like any other package in the repos with Add/Remove Software (aka the Pamac GUI), the pamac CLI or pacman via CLI.

Never run pamac with sudo, especially when building AUR packages. It will prompt for your password when privileges are required.

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This precisely solved my problem. Thank you very much Yochanan.

Thanks also for your tip/warning regarding sudo pamac build.

Now that it’s installed, could I migrate to the stable version or would I run into any problems if I did that?

I would wait until the next stable update to switch back. That way you will still receive updates on the testing branch in the meantime.

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