Docker nextcloud help

Ive installed docker and pulled down nextcloud. Im trying to get a minimal copy running so i can see if it serves my purposes.

So im running the command:
sudo docker run -d -p 8080:80 --name nextcloud -v config:/var/www/html/config -v data:/var/www/html/data nextcloud

It starts fine, but it does not create the config or data folders on my system. I have no /var/www/ folder… Do I need to create these manually, or should the docker image create them for me?


Read the docs

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You need to make sure they are present and have the correct permissions for the docker container to write to them.

I’m using nextcloud with docker-compose, here’s my config. Feel free to copy what suits you.

dockerfiles/nextcloud at master - dockerfiles - Gitea

Hi @gibbz ,
I wonder whether you could try the following command in the root directory:

sudo docker run -d -p 8080:80 --name nextcloud -v "$(pwd)":/var/www/html/config -v data:/var/www/html/data nextcloud

Hope it helps, regards. I could not say anymore about the command line instructions, that is what I use to run docker on Openmediavault in a virtual machine.

Manjaro and other Arch-based distributions do not use /var/www, but instead they use /srv/www. You can try symlinking… :arrow_down:

sudo ln -s /srv/www /var/www