Docker Desktop issue after 2022-02-27 update

I have the docker-desktop tech preview installed from and it was working fine before the 2022-02-27 update. Post-update, the backend keeps throwing a core dump. I was hoping some smart ppl might be able to help me figure out the issue. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Not sure I can link it here but I do have the package converted if anyone would like to have it.

Process 79580 (virtiofsd) of user 1000 dumped core.

Module with build-id c92da1914b8d8df59d1e5784659d5e3558731667
Module with build-id f90d8b734f6de9b25faedb8cbfab7054dafc0a42
Module with build-id cc372ea3c28c4d3dfc633b4d2e933c8584d2af16
Module with build-id 4c926b672d97886b123e03a008387aecf0786de4
Module with build-id a0a45f81771945f0559d04e93726d245159930da
Module with build-id 4761858b348db8303e872e515aa8d56c046c921c
Module with build-id 56da60140e2f0e47044a141378608146f6fd9bb8
Module with build-id c09c6f50f6bcec73c64a0b4be77eadb8f7202410
Module with build-id 85766e9d8458b16e9c7ce6e07c712c02b8471dbc
Module with build-id bb9bd2657bfba9f60bd34d2050cc63a7eb024bc4
Module with build-id 596b63a006a4386dcab30912d2b54a7a61827b07
Module with build-id 7fa8b52fae071a370ba4ca32bf9490a30aff31c4
Module with build-id 5d817452a709ca3a213341555ddcf446ecee37fa
Module with build-id 09690c43af29ef92bbec2e53e29101b2b8e9c48c
Module with build-id 54179323d84e1b713b7547ba0b3f8310e65eec93
Module virtiofsd with build-id ac55adeab7cc1f7ca47fa74c938cf2d46c7d9206
Stack trace of thread 2:
#0  0x00007fe3ec9cf3c6 start_thread ( + 0x8d3c6)
#1  0x00007fe3eca54584 __clone ( + 0x112584)

Stack trace of thread 1:
#0  0x00007fe3eca56800 accept4 ( + 0x114800)
#1  0x000056230db9891b _ZN3std2os4unix3net8listener12UnixListener6accept17h54bf74abcb880374E (virtiofsd + 0x11391b)
#2  0x000056230db9c0d1 _ZN5vhost10vhost_user10connection8Listener6accept17h7f5e4813cc785e95E (virtiofsd + 0x1170d1)
#3  0x000056230dbe757d _ZN9virtiofsd4main17h7fa4789238c3e84aE (virtiofsd + 0x16257d)
#4  0x000056230daa3233 _ZN3std10sys_common9backtrace28__rust_begin_short_backtrace17h6a68ebb114ba37b2E (virtiofsd + 0x1e233)
#5  0x000056230dbda199 main (virtiofsd + 0x155199)
#6  0x00007fe3ec96f310 __libc_start_call_main ( + 0x2d310)
#7  0x00007fe3ec96f3c1 __libc_start_main@@GLIBC_2.34 ( + 0x2d3c1)
#8  0x000056230daa195a _start (virtiofsd + 0x1c95a)
ELF object binary architecture: AMD x86-64

You’ll have to wait until they update their build to be supported by GLIBC 2.35, I think.

How did you install it? The documentation you linked requires a custom apt repository and (in my opinion) horrible workarounds to just run a simple GUI.

That’s what I was afraid of. I used debtap to convert the debian package and then manually fixed the .INSTALL file.

Download my installer from

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