DockbarX not visible in panel after login


I use DockbarX with the xfce4-dockbarx-plugin to make the dock show up in my second panel on the bottom. Everything works as expected with the first user on my system, but the dock fails to be shown in the panel for the second user after. The dock is the only item in the panel, so the panel simply remains empty after login.

When I open a terminal and run xfce4-panel -q && xfce4-panel &, the panel will restart and I can see the Dock as expected. What’s more, before running the terminal command, I cannot open the DockbarX preferences from the whisker menu. The GUI won’t open. After running the command, the preferences GUI will open as expected.

Any idea what I could do to fix this behaviour?

I’d appreciate any input. Thanks.

ask the dockbarx people to update, there not keeping up with xfce4-panel, there last update was 2018.

you should probably look for something more current.