Do you always need to have the latest ISO for installing?

Or can you just pacma. -syu and it will all be updated. I am ?worried about a outdated keyring if so how do I update that?

sudo pacman -Syyu

Yes you can use a little old iso but do know that the chances of something breaking are lot more in that case.

AFAIK those should be updated along the system only.

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If you have Manjaro already installed you can simply update your system via pamac upgrade or pacman -Syu. ISOs we recommend the latest for fresh installations or first time installations.


I try to use the latest iOS

The more upto date you iso/install media the less updates there will be after installation. Generally an old iso will have a huge amount of updates and a much greater chance of manual intervention being needed

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The only problem may be (especially on community ISOs) an outdated kernel [EOL].

So it should be one of the first steps to look if the kernel is [EOL] and eventually install a LTS-Kernel.


I usually keep the latest ones in order to avoid any issues.


yes I use update verssion then solve my problem

thabks bro

I tried an old iso of about a year old once… It left a stale taste in my mouth… Rolling releases are tricky if you install with an old iso you will get many errors. With things like Ubuntu you essentially reinstall new every 6 months and the repos change name for every iso ever released.

How is that easier than install once and just update from time to time? I installed my system like 2 and a half years ago and and I have not needed to do anything else than update every few weeks (even every few months could be fine).


With Ubuntu, you practically have to reinstall every 6 months, and the repositories change names for every iso issued.

Or 5 years if you use a LST release…