Do downgraded packages fix themselves eventually?

I was comparing the sync database from checkupdates to my local sync database, and then comparing that to checkupdates. There was one anomaly. Branch compare shows 0.7.0-5 on all branches. I have 0.7.0-6 installed. In general, do these things work themselves out on their own or should we be running -Syyuu.

manjaro-hello 0.7.0-6 0.7.0-5

It wont change until theres a higher version in the repos or you allow downgrade during sync (with the 2 u’s).
The team reverted the changes at some point.
If you dont notice any error you dont have to do anything … but to be in line with the repos … you know what to do.

It will work out eventually - but if the message bothers you - you can just install the package using

sudo pacman -Su manjaro-hello

In fact - manjaro-hello is not vital to the system - it is more like a convenient utility.

This wont change the package.

Without the y it wont refresh.
Without 2 u’s it wont downgrade.

What you wrote will at best reinstall the already cached package.

Good grief. Installing the package from the repo is enough. I use modified and “newer” versions of packages all the time.

Assuming you’re up to date (anything less is unsupported):

sudo pacman -S manjaro-hello

Huh. I stand corrected.
I didnt think it would downgrade even if you pointed at it … but … alas it does:

$ pacman -Q manjaro-hello
manjaro-hello 0.7.0-6
$ sudo pacman -Su manjaro-hello
warning: downgrading package manjaro-hello (0.7.0-6 => 0.7.0-5)
$ sudo pacman -S manjaro-hello
warning: downgrading package manjaro-hello (0.7.0-6 => 0.7.0-5)

Thank you all.

I just used manjaro-hello as a real-world example, but what’s learned can be applied to future situations. I wanted to be able to explain any difference between the new sync databases (i.e., checkupdates’ /tmp/checkup-db-$UID/sync), the current sync databases (/var/lib/pacman/sync), and what is installed.

pacman -Sl --dbpath='/tmp/checkup-db-'$UID | grep 'installed:' | column -t

@cscs brought up an interesting observations - An installed package with a higher version than what is in the repo/sync databases will not be updated (in this case downgraded) when running pacman -Syu. Just to note, it will be updated (downgraded) if explicitly specified.

Bottom-line: These things work themselves out on their own :slight_smile:

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