Do all printing through remote cups server

So I feel like an idiot I want to be able to do all my printing through a remote cups server but I cant seem to find any documents on it.

Thanks in advance

You can access it over the net with http://localhost:631 or
There are then further informations.

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man cups

That’s what I have been looking at but I cant find to set my desktop to use only my server for printing through. I normally use SUSE and in yast I can just tell it to only use a remote server for all printing.

I cannot possibly deduct what you need to do.

This is examples - and not a howto

  • Open a browser pointing the cups web admin on localhost:631
  • Login
  • Administration
  • Locate your printer
  • Edit and in the target
    • if you want to print using HP protocol socket://ip.x.y.z:9100
    • if you want use IPP **ipp://ip.x.y.z/ipp

How do you “tell it to” do this?

Sorry I need to be clearer. Its just a check box I check in yast and put in the IP.
In Yast Printers, You check a box and input the ip address of the remote printer server to use.

I tried uploading the images and putting links to them but I dont have the rights to do that.


Since SuSE comes with KDE - open Printers in system settings and input the connection there

yast doesn’t exist on manjaro

Alright I figured it out! thanks for the help.

Automatic Configuration using IPP


This method of configuration does not work on macOS 10.7 or later because sandboxed applications do not always have direct network access.

CUPS can be configured to run without a local spooler and send all jobs to a single server. However, if that server goes down then all printing will be disabled. Use this configuration only as absolutely necessary.

The default server is normally the local system (“localhost”). To override the default server create a file named /etc/cups/client.conf with a line as follows:

ServerName server

The server name can be the hostname or IP address of the default server. If the server is not using the default IPP port (631), you can add the port number at the end like this:

ServerName server:port

The default server can also be customized on a per-user basis. To set a user-specific server create a file named ~/.cups/client.conf instead. The user client.conf file takes precedence over the system one.

Finally, you can set the CUPS_SERVER environment variable to override the default server for a single process, for example:

CUPS_SERVER=server:port firefox

will run the Firefox web browser pointed to the specified server and port. The environment variable overrides both the user and system client.conf files, if any.

You didn’t provide any context or mention a sandboxed browser - you only provided very vague references to cups

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