DNS keeps resolving to ipv6 when using PPPoE

My ISP provides internet via PPPoE and I don’t have a network router yet. Therefore I’m connecting ISP cable directly into my laptop and have DSL connection for that. The issue is that I cannot use ipv6 addresses this way, ipv6 addresses just do not ping. So I disabled ipv6 via nmcli for PPPoE connection, but when I do, for example getent hosts telegram.org, it returns me ipv6.

At this point I’ve googled around for a couple hours and need help with figuring this out. How do I either make ipv6 work (tho, chances are, it’s just simply isn’t supported by local ISP) or prevent DNS from resolving to ipv6?

You can’t.

Bad example, getent hosts will always print the IPv6 address unless there is no IPv6 address published. This behavior is hardcoded in getent.

It also doesn’t matter if you connected via IPv4 or IPv6. The DNS Server can return an IPv6 address over IPv4 and the other way around. Your applications will figure out what address is to be used.

If you need to find out DNS address on the terminal, use a program that let you specify A (IPv4) or AAAA (IPv6) records or that shows both.

For example (You might need to install these programs)

nslookup telegram.org

host telegram.org

dig telegram.org A 

there are a lot more, just use one that works for you.

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