DLSS not working in games

Hi, this is my first post as a kind of new linux desktop user.
I need some help with dlss in games, it’s always grayed out or doesn’t appear.

I tried reinstalling the games, steam, updating the kernel, updating or downgrading proton, adding the relevant steam commands… Nvidia drivers are up do date.

Can’t find anything on google or youtube to fix the issue so I hope the community can help out :slight_smile:

You may need to use Proton Experimental or GE-Proton for the flags to work:


Tip: Always check ProtonDB and PCGamingWiki before you buy a Windows game on Steam to run on GNU / Linux.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I’ve been trying for a few days but somehow it works with Proton Experimental after the kernel update to 5.17.1 and restarting. Right after I post this question.
Definitely a good idea to check the games before buying.