Dkms fails to find kernel-headers on raspberry pi

I’m trying to install anbox on the raspberry pi 3. For that I installed a fresh version of manjaro (64bit) on a SD card. This is my current kernel version:

$ echo $(uname -a)
Linux long-rasp 5.10.73-2-MANJARO-ARM #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Oct 15 17:56:08 UTC 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux

When I follow the instruction to compile the kernel modules for anbox on and get the step of running dkms, I get the following error:

$ sudo dkms install anbox-ashmem/1
Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 5.10.73-2-MANJARO-ARM cannot be found at /usr/lib/modules/5.10.73-2-MANJARO-ARM/build or /usr/lib/modules/5.10.73-2-MANJARO-ARM/source.
You can use the --kernelsourcedir option to tell DKMS where it's located.

I tried to specify the folder /usr/lib/modules/5…/build/include with the --kernelsourcedir flag but it printed the same error. Anyone has an idea?

Thank for any help!

Install linux-rpi4-headers.

And make sure you are completely up to date.

I already have.

$ pacman -Ss linux-rpi4-header
core/linux-rpi4-headers 5.10.76-2 [installed]
    Header files and scripts for building modules for linux kernel - Raspberry Pi 4 64-bit kernel
$ sudo pacman -Su
:: Starting full system upgrade...
 there is nothing to do

edit: after rebooting it, it’s stuck at the boot now. I will copy the manjaro image again and start all over. maybe that fixes it.

Headers and kernel version does not match.

Update your system and reboot.

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