Disturbing window

uhhh… how do i close the window from the left.

i pressed win+` (or the tilde key) and this window came up.

i tried pressing esc, did nothing
click outside nothing, did nothing

i pressed win+` again but it just removed the default desktop and all im left is with a blank disturbing window.

It looks like you maybe created a widget?
Rt-Click on your desktop and enable “Customize Layout”
If that thing is a widget as I suspect … then mousing over it will then give you easy delete and other options.

yeh i can’t select it

so it must not be a widget.

all i know that it has something to do with creating or renaming desktops or something.

“Activities” maybe ?
I have disabled those buttons, but the defaults for the key combo were Meta+Tab, Meta+Shift+Tab.
Using those to pop it up and then using Esc after interacting with it should allow it to close.
(by the way … if none of this works out … have you simply logged out or restarted?)

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