Distro Hop best way?

Hello, there.

I am right now using Manjaro plasma.
I don’t know but lots of issues are there which will take lot of time.
Instead I decide to reinstall Manjaro or install try to install some minimalist linux distro or try to configure arch - linux or Manjaro architect.

So here is what I am naive about.

Please help me out.
I am into programming.

I don’t even care about wallpaper.
I aim to be so minimalist that I just want,

  • Vim with custom settings configured, themes and plugins.
  • Python, C++, C#, C, Html, Css, Javascript, Java, R , etc…,
  • Vs Code
  • Firefox
  • Document Viewer
  • Kate

Some few apps maybe, that’s it.
I am not intrested about time or date gui because,
I code on tty2 and because it is minimalistic I enter zen mode for coding.
I am into competitive programming and ML/AI and data science.
Means I am aspiring to become a pythonista.

So, can we please share how to achieve what I aim to do so.
For date I can use date command.
But those who are wondering why I don’t want even date gui bar is because I don’t want to worry about anything, I want to forget the time and everything.
I want to enter Zen Mode.

Will appreciate your opinions, I am grateful to each and everybody of this wonderful community.

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