Distributing applications on different hard drives

Hello. I am new to Linux and just setting up my machine.

I am treating this as a fresh start and i am trying to avoid the errors i made when i was a windows user.

I have two drives on my computer (one small SSD and one larger hard drive). I am currently booting from the SSD. I am wondering whether you can set up the system so that i can choose where to install applications, so that i can only put critical applications on the SSD and less critical applications (and my documents) on my hard drive?

Thank you in advance for your help :grin:

I’m afraid that’s not possible. UNIX systems don’t use the principle of volume-oriented storage, or at least, not toward the end-user.

One can split off certain directories so that their contents live on different partitions or physical drives — even on another machine across the network — but one cannot install certain applications on one volume and other applications on another, unless we’re talking of Windows applications/games, which are typically stored under the user’s home directory, but you can set up the system so that certain subdirectories of your home directory reside on a physically different volume.

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