Distribute Manjaro-updates to clients in network

I have multiple Linux clients in my network which regularly need updates (most of the distros are Manjaro).
Now, I don’t have the best internet here in Germany and I want to safe energy and bandwidth.
An idea I came up with is, to download Linux updates once for all the clients in network who needs them.

So I wonder, if there is a solution to distribute updates in my network, like (I think) the Windows WSUS solution does this, but i want it for linux.

I already searched in internet for some software or setup for this but no luck.
So if there is no developed solution for this, I’m sure anyways, it should be possible to setup a server which can distribute Linux updates…

Any ideas?

If there is no software solution


You create a custom mirror

Share it over local network and add it to your clients


WSUS is downloading updates for storage and then distribute the updates to the network.

The same can be done with Manjaro. The benefit is that you control when your local mirrorserver sync - and as such control the general state of the systems in the network.

There is an undocumented tweak using special build of pacman-mirrors you can apply to your systems which ensures your clients is always updating from your local mirror.