Display settings show after sleep and sleep should not be happening

I went into the settings and turned off sleep for power settings but yet my monitor still goes to sleep. My monitor itself has settings so I went in and turned it off in the monitor hardware as well.

When I wake it up from sleep I get the login screen which I also turned off locking before I had turned off the monitor sleep. After logging in again I find the display settings are always open.

I don’t know how to get the display settings to stop showing up and I’d like to stop having my monitor go to sleep. I tried looking for answers but no one seems to say if they have the exact thing as me where the monitor shouldn’t even be turning off to begin with. I’ve had manjaro before and it did this same thing and I gave up trying to find a solution, my google-fu isn’t very good. I’m back and it’s still doing this, I haven’t had manjaro installed for very long.

Let me know what information you need, I’m not sure what to include.
Manjaro standard release with Xfce.

What is it that you want to achieve?
Use simple words and short sentences, please.

I do use and run Xfce4 - I actually have no idea what you are talking about.

If you don’t even use XFCE why are you responding? As a matter of fact if this is how the community is I’ll go back to one of the other systems I liked.

But I do - I just told you.

Are you sure you are understanding and are using the english language properly?

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There’s a couple of things that you should check and do.

  1. “Sleep” may refer to more than one thing. It can refer to the monitor, but it could also refer to the power savings mode of the processor, or even to full hibernation.

  2. Make sure that you log out first and back in, because changing settings in a GUI environment might not necessarily be saved to the on-disk configuration files while the GUI is running.

  3. Disable the restoration of the session on login, so that you start with an empty session each time.

First of all, @Nachlese said that he is using XFCE. Secondly, even if he were not, then why should he not be allowed to offer advice? I myself am not using XFCE, but I do currently have 1’136 accepted solutions in my name, and I may have already been exclusively running GNU/Linux for longer than you’ve been alive.

Secondly, don’t you think it’s a little arrogant to start criticizing a community that you know nothing about — given that these are your very first posts here — and then behaving passive-aggressively yourself in the process?

The Manjaro community happens to be a very friendly and very helpful one, and we have an excellent Tutorials section with very helpful tips, tricks and howtos written by the friendly members of the community.

Antisocial behavior however is not appreciated, and especially not if you consider that we’re all volunteers here. You’re not paying anyone here to help you, and thus we don’t owe you anything. Never forget that.

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…honestly, this is pretty confused stuff and I’m not sure if I should even respond to it or turn away in disgust.
Have you ever tried to create a profile in the xfce4-display-settings? I’m going to guess - no.
Instead of ranting you’d better provide system info:

inxi -Fazy

…which helps us to translate this nonsense into something readable.

And I’m using xfce - got it?


How to disable auto black screen?

Xfce power management has a Presentation Mode to disable screensaver or suspend settings

Left click Power Manager plugin in system tray to turn it on

Power Manager Plugin Properties has an option to show an additional indicator when Presentation Mode is on


xfce:xfce4-power-manager:panel-plugin [Xfce Docs]

To completely disable suspend and hibernate in systemd:

  • sudo mkdir /etc/systemd/sleep.conf.d/
  • sudo tee /etc/systemd/sleep.conf.d/no-hibernate-suspend.conf <<< '[Sleep]
    # disable hibernate and suspend
  • sudo mkdir /etc/systemd/logind.conf.d/
  • sudo tee /etc/systemd/logind.conf.d/no-hibernate-suspend.conf <<<'# disable hibernate and suspend

[HowTo] Disable / Turn off Hibernate completely! - #8 by stargazer

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