Display resolution back to 800x600 after screensaver

Hi all, i have a Manjaro Linux Virtual Machine release 21.0.4 (Ornara) running on Virtualbox 6.1.16r140961 on iMac Big Sur 11.4. (Virtuabox graphic is VMSVGA)
When the VM boots the screen resolution is 1920x1080 and everything is fine. If i don’t use the machine the Screensaver is executed and i have a blank screen. When coming back to the VM i push any button and the login lock screen is presented in 800x600 resolution. I login normally and the resolution stay at 800x600. With the command xrandr -s 1920x1080 i can revert to the full screen resolution again.
Ok, i can live with this … but it should be better to have the full 1920x1080 resolution when i log again.
Is there any fix i can apply ?

Tnx, Fabio.

Hi @fcapozzi :wink:

Seems the auto detection did not work there. A fix could be creating a xorg config file and set the resolution there. This will disable auto detection.