Display has issues

After lots of tryouts, I was finally able to boot. However, Display now has issues.

Please provide some more details about the situation and your system:

My issue is related to this Manjaro does not boot after update - emergency shell but glad i was able to fix after reading up the thread, however i started facing different issues afterwards

  1. Display was bad, so i boot into previous kernel and reinstalled the 510 kernel, and it works
  2. Taskbar in missing in XFCE desktop environment
  3. Audio has refused to work.

All this was working before i did a system update.

i’m not too tech savy, but please show me how i can provide more detailed information(logs)

Try different kernels. All kernels currently being maintained can be checked. If one works better, stay on that until the situation improves on newer kernels. The older kernels still are supported and updated, so there is no need to change to a newer kernel.

Thank you for your swift response, i went back to old kernel but the xfce taskbar panel was still missing, then i logged in to root user and i could see the panel, what should i do?

Try to open the preferences and then play with output settings. Maybe it is configured to show up on a monitor that does not exist anymore.

xfce4-panel --preferences