Display doesn't resume when computer wakes up from sleep

I have a problem with Manjaro KDE for a while. I have set my ocmputer to go to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity (being power conscinetious and all that). When I want to come back, I hit any key on my keyboard, and everything spins to life.

It’s great and works the way its supposed to.

Except when it doesn’t…somewhat rarely, like 1 time out of 30 or something, the display wouldn’t turn on. The lights on my computer, keyboard would like up and it looked like they were receiving power, but the display (hdmi connection to basic monitor) wouldn’t turn on.

The problem is that for the past 2 months (maybe more), the problem is significantly more frequent (like 1 out of 7 times). I’m not sure what caused that…it could be that I upgraded to the newer kernel (5.15.2), or it could be something else.

But can someone help me diagnose what’s going on, and hopefully how to fix it

I have an amd rx 570 running the open source drivers.

Try using proprietary drivers (for your GPU), I think that should help.
But I am not an expert so wait until one of the mods replies, such as @cscs or the others…