Display a non-standard character

I want to display the following character:

For the moment I have tried to install different unicode packages from the official repository, but for the moment without success.


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You should mention where you want to display it in, eg which app…

The character you mentioned is displayed like this on the forum for example.
Alchemical Symbol for Fire = 🜂


Hi @remy1,

It probably depends on where you want to use it. But I think it’ll be a specific font.



I see your message like this :

Capture d’écran du 2023-02-23 13-24-21

I suppose you get something else

The character is in the official unicode table, i was thinking, it’s juste something i need install, but i don’t know what.

As i can see, this font Alchemy Font | Cosmorama | FontSpace
Is not link with the official unicode

I see a triangle.

A font which supports it.

Have you tried noto fonts? I was missing some unicode chars (runic) and I’m pretty sure that’s what I installed to get them and more.

local/noto-fonts 20230117-3
    Google Noto TTF fonts
local/noto-fonts-emoji 20220920-1
    Google Noto emoji fonts
local/noto-fonts-extra 20230117-3
    Google Noto TTF fonts - additional variants
local/ttf-noto-nerd 2.3.3-0.1
    Patched font Noto from nerd fonts library
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see @dmt post

you may lack the font to display that character

check whether you have installed the font that will allow it to be displayed

I’m sorry, I don’t understand how to change the default font.
The packages are installed, but the noto font list is endless, and maybe I’m not in the right place

Edit : after install package and restart the laptop, it’s look good

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