Disney+ plays at 480p at max

Hello, when I play a video on disney+, it starts in HD, and a few seconds later at 480p, it happens in Firefox and in Chrome, I can play at 720p using a kodi plugin, but it’s buggy (sometimes subtitles dissapears, crashes, and can’t rewind), so it’s better to use the browser but 480p quality it’s low, in windows it plays in HD without problems

Thanks for the help

It might be something with DRM. I remember that Netflix and Windows had a deal at some point with not supporting Linux anymore.

How do you know that its 480p?

I have watched netflix, disney+, amazon prime, hbo, apple tv and perhaps more with no issues.

Some providers offers better quality if you upgrade your subscription

I know it’s 480p because I play 720p using Kodi and the quality it’s better (but the plugin it’s buggy), when I play a 480p video on youtube the quality it’s similar to Disney+ and it’s not because the subscription because in windows 10 or android plays in HD

In linux is HD for a few seconds and the 480p

Well I don’t know if it’s exactly 480p but its not 720p