"Disks & Devices" from the panel opening by itself

Hey guys!

I have something strange happening: The list “Disks & Devices” from the panel opens sometimes by itself, and usually it happens when I have my USB connected to computer, but not mounted and opened in OS.

Why does it happen? Maybe the reason is that Manjaro shows me that list because I have unmounted USB and it wants me to do something with it?

I’d check, KDE System Settings > Hardware > Removale Storage > Removable Devices. Also can get there from a right click of the Disks & Devices applet.

Also, on a right click of the Disks & Devices (formerly Device Notifier — I have to keep reminding myself :slight_smile: ), there is an option to “Show popup when new device is plugged in”.

The other place I might look is KDE System Settings > Personalization > Notifications.

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Okay, thanks!
I will check this out!

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