Disk space problems

Complete tech no-nothing here who has been using Manjaro for basic computing…happily.

Problem is, I am downloading to my home folder and suddenly I am shown a message that the download stopped because I ran out of memory. I had 96 Gig left according to a check i ran! I moved the folder to the desktop instead and the memory increased inside the home folder. So obviously the system has set a limit to the memory allocated to the home folder or the sub folder I was downloading to. How to change it so that there is no such restriction?


home in partition ?
please return outputs here

ls -ld ~/* | grep -E "^(l|d)"

with browser ? in directory ?

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What filesystem is mounted at that subdirectory? If it’s FAT32, then there’s a file size limit of 4 GiB.

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Please read this:

Also, please read this:

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