Disk FULL after try to install app

Hi, I need your help one more time.
I was trying to download balena-etcher and show me need dependencies (Electron).
I got an error and fill all my disk and now I don’t have space for anything.

Please, how can I recover my space?

This was the error message:



UPDATE: :warning:

I cleaned the build files and I recovered space. But now I would like to learn if someone can help me, how can I choose the space where the apps or things will be installed?
I assigned 60GB to my root partition and I asked here about that. But the apps or things I should install in my another partition right? How can I choose the place?


In short, you cannot. UNIX systems are fully integrated, so applications become part of the system, with their executables under /usr/bin, their libraries under /usr/lib, and so on.

In terms of space however, downloaded packages go under /var/cache/pacman/pkg, and you can clean that out by removing all of the downloaded packages, or leaving only the last N versions of them — N being a number. In fact, pamac — not pacman but pamac — should do this automatically already.

Other space consumers are Snaps and FlatPaks, because they come as containers with their own sets of libraries.

That all said, if you have more than one drive and a spare partition sitting around, then take a look at this tutorial below. :arrow_down:


The easy solution would be to back up the data, then shrink one partition and extend the other one to the free space.

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