Discover won't upate this package

I can’t get this to update.
Don’t know where to find out what is wrong.

Don’t use Discover for updating your system, or even individual packages. Use pacman or pamac, or possibly yay.

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My system is updated with pacman and this package doesn’t come up in the list to be updated or I am doing something wrong.

We used to package it before Arch did and our version appears “newer” than the current version.

0.5-1 is the latest version, just reinstall it to update:

sudo pacman -Syu kirigami-addons
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So I did that.
Is Discover wrong showing that there is an update?
Is reinstalling the normal to update this or other packages?

Technically no, because 1:0.1-1 is a higher version number than 0.5-1 since the former has an epoch. However, there never should have been one.

No, this is a rare, unique case.

I’m sorry so a couple of more questions.
Is there a way to stop Discover from showing these updates?
I have noticed that Discover shows some updates that pacman doesn’t . Is this normal?
I believe one of those was a package called paperwork.

Yes there is a way to stop Discover from showing these updates, don’t use it. Use the distro’s recommended package mangers pamac and pacman

That’s actually good advice. Discover uses PackageKit:

Warning: PackageKit opens up system permissions by default, and is otherwise not recommended for general usage. See FS#50459 and FS#57943.

pacman/Tips and tricks - ArchWiki

If you remove packagekit-qt5, you can still use Discover for Flatpak and firmware updates, however.

It seems after removing packagekit-qt5 that kimi package no longer shows up to be updated with Discover.
Thanks for all of this information.
I will stop using discover .
Consider this solved.

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