Discover package listing out of date (nextcloud)

I was thinking about switching to Manjaro and saw that Nextcloud was still at Version 18, according to your packages-list h**ps:// (Why cant I use links? :frowning: ). After installation it read 20.0.1 in the “install software” portion, so the packages list is several month out of date. I almost did not choose Manjaro for that reason.
Apart from that I, so far, really like Manjaro, though secure boot support would be very nice and it would also be really cool if I could decide which partitions to encrypt, I would really like to keep the bootloader unencrypted so I dont need to wait to boot Windows.

Hi @Kessl :wink:

Have look here:

There is see version 20.0.1-1.

Seems is not updated.


hps:// is out of date, too.
ps:// is up to date.