Discord Rich Presence

I have recently installed discord from snap. Everything is being detected and working fine except discord presence just doesn’t work.
Rich Presence doesn’t updates while I am running vscode, or any game.
There is a option to add activity but it’s not a rich presence.

The thing which I am talking about is this:

If anyone have any fix then please help :blush:

Snap and FlatPak packages run inside a container and are pretty much isolated from all other processes. As a result, there is virtually no interprocess communication going on between the Snap/FlatPak package and other applications.

The only two workarounds are to either…

  1. use the regular Discord package from the repository; or…
  2. have somebody build you a Snap/FlatPak version of Discord that comes bundled together with the applications that you want Discord to communicate with.

Given that Discord is proprietary software and that it is used in a wide variety of contexts, your chances at the second option are as good as nil. Therefore, uninstalling the Snap version of Discord and installing the version from the Community repository is your best (and only) option.



Okay will try the first fix :white_check_mark:

Thanks it worked!
Marking as solution!

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