Discord in firefox infinite loading


Discord in firefox cant be open. Stuck at this loading logo.

Chrome works fine.

Mozilla Firefox 127.0

OS: Manjaro Linux Wynsdey 24.0.2 x86_64
Kernel: Linux 6.6.32-1-MANJARO
DE: KDE Plasma 6.0.5

I use Webcord - it’s just better (better than the official Discord at least).

Having said that, I just opened it in Firefox and had absolutely no problem at all - very fast and clean load.

If your issue is only with Firefox, then that’s an issue for a Firefox forum - probably related to your profile/settings/extensions.

Otherwise, pray tell us - what steps have you taken to troubleshoot this problem?

With Firefox (any browser - and even with Plasma desktop) it’s wise to fire up a FRESH user profile, create new and test.

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