Discord Icon Won't Change

I wanna change most of my icons for my apps and when I try to change the Discord icon it gives me this error.
Could not save properties due to insufficient write access to:
Anyone know if I can get around this somehow if I even can?

What is the output of… :arrow_down:

ls -l /home/goldenajf/.local/share/applications/discord.desktop
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What are the permissions on that directory?

ls -hl /home/goldenajf/.local/share/applications

will perhaps give you and everyone else a clue

… oh - my post became redundant as I wrote @Aragorn


lrwxrwxrwx 1 goldenajf goldenajf 28 Sep 12 10:14 /home/goldenajf/.local/share/applications/discord.desktop → /opt/discord/discord.desktop

that is a link to the original file - not a .desktop file owned by you in that (your) directory

I don’t know how you got a link to the original - which you can’t change
instead of a real file
which you own and can change