Discord hangs entire PC

For most of the time Discord behaves normal but sometimes it hangs my entire PC and It’s lag that much that I can’t even login in terminal mode ( CTRL ALT F2). I was able to log in once and using htop command I saw pulseaudio and discord processes eating my entire cpu with discord (pulseaudio more). What happened and how to solve it?

Specs if its important:
Z270 PC MATE ; Pentium G4560 ; Intel HD Graphics 610 ; 8GB RAM ; NVME 250GB
linux57.17-2 ; xorg-session

hello t0ssox,
is it the same if you open Discord in the browser?

No. I don’t have any problems when I’m using discord in browser (In brave browser which is based on chromium, discord is a electron app so its based on chromium too)

Same Problem here using XFCE. Since discord is proprietary, i have no idea how to fix this. I guess hardware acceleration is not working (correctly).

Disabling hardware acceleration in Discord didn’t help I think. Maybe there is no more frequent crashes like before disabling or its only a placebo.

I’ve read of a few people having trouble with the discord app apparently the snap and flatpak versions are giving less issues

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Thanks. My son’s been complaining about exactly this problem with Discord installed from the AUR. I can certainly try either the snap or the flatpak version to see if it makes a difference. Hadn’t thought of that!

Or you could try an alternative client like lightcord. Bear in mind though that this is disliked by discord, but gives the best chance of having a different result.


I will give it a try, hope voice chat works also since it says on the page:

This is a complete Discord Client. That means it has his own .exe and does not require the original Discord, plus it can’t break when there’s a new update.