Discord can't open


there are times that discord can’t open. its just load for a little while then go to the taskbar for a second then it closes.

one of my workarounds in this is i run discord on terminal. it works but the terminal needs to be open on the background.

I don’t know if I need help here. maybe this is just a bug that will be fixed with the next update.

do you guys also experience this?

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Can you please specify the way you installed it and its version?

well, I installed it through pamac. it says here in pamac that its version 0.0.17-1

You can detach it from the terminal. :arrow_down:

nohup discord &

I did that but the window is like having a seizure then it closes. strange actually that’s why I just let it like this. It works anyways. haha.

So I have the same version and it works perfectly for me though.
Can you please try to reinstall it using the button on the Add/Remove SoftWare

will do sir. maybe after work. still having an ongoing meeting.

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Do it at your time of convenience.

@nukecrayon You can also try to open discord with the --no-sandbox flag (…electron app). See Discord - ArchWiki.

If that works then you can play with it’s desktop file so and make your changes. See Microsoft Team does not open, tries to open but does not do it - #4 by ishaanbhimwal

Thank you guys.

I just restarted my system and it works okay again. I don’t know what happen. Maybe because my wallpaper became black and at the same time this happens. maybe because I use this command that’s why this happens.

kquitapp5 plasmashell && kstart5 plasmashell

again, thank you for lending a hand.