Discord blank screen, cant open

I have a problem with discord where Iam suddenly unable to open the program. Whenever I try all I get is a black screen. I tried canary and ptb but they dont work either. Does anybody know whats going on here?

Do you get any error in a terminal if you launch it from one?

no, 0 errors, it just looks for updates and then goes blank

just found out it opens with “sudo discord --no-sandbox” but now my audio isnt working, I guess im stuck with the browser version

Trying to solve an issue in a program by running it with superuser privileges is a very bad practice!

I personally dropped Discord a long time ago, since it blocks the user as long as they don’t update.
I switched to Webcord (AUR) instead. Though the current version requires Electron 19, which is currently only available in AUR…

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