[Discontinued][Cleanjaro] Converting a Manjaro KDE install to Cleanjaro KDE and back again.

Howto convert from Manjaro KDE to Cleanjaro KDE or Vice Versa.

This tutorial is aimed at Manjaro KDE users who might wish to change over to Cleanjaro KDE for whatever reason.
The goal is to give you a step-by-step checklist for simple and easy conversion without reinstalling from a Cleanjaro KDE ISO.
I've wanted to try Cleanjaro for a while, and now with the KDE Edition I thought now is a good time.
So I thought I'd share the process for those interested.

It's quite simple. Converting MJ > CJ and CJ > MJ!

[More info about Cleanjaro can be found here]

I'm using the newly released Cleanjaro KDE Edition, so this guide will have directions for that edition.
I might have time at a later point to add Xfce conversion to this.

Thanks to @anon34396487 for putting together a very nice Unofficial Community Spin. :hugs:
Thanks also to the Manjaro Team for giving us this awesome Distro. :hugs:

NOTE: I'll be refering to linux53 throughout this tutorial as it's the current kernel. If this is used later after another kernel release comes out then simply replace linux53 with whatever the newest release kernel is at that time.

Let's get started!

[Important Note] - We'll be switching kernels (The steps are below) but if you'd like to do it first then go ahead and switch before you start to a backup kernel, ie. linux419lts. Then simple proceed with the installation of the Cleanjaro kernel.

The first step when doing any kind of major upgrade or system change is a backup. I'd recommend Timeshift.
If you don't have Timeshift, you can grab it from the Repos with sudo pacman -Syu timeshift. After the install which should only take a minute or two. Configure it and make your first backup! :grin:

Now that the backup is done, let's get started with the conversion to Cleanjaro.

  • To be safe, it's advised you remove the linux53 Manjaro kernel as we'll be using the Cleanjaro kernel instead. This will avoid any issues during the conversion/update process.

    • Remove Manjaro linux53 with - sudo mhwd-kernel -r linux53
    • To remove linux53 headers sudo pacman -R linux53-headers
    • Install the Manjaro linux52 kernel. We'll use this until the Cleanjaro kernel is installed.
      • mhwd-kernel -i linux52
  • Now we need to add the Cleanjaro repo. It must be before the [core] repo.
    Copy the text below to your /etc/pacman.conf with sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server = https://majinbuu.com/cleanjaro/
  • Now you'll need to run sudo pacman -Syyuu.
    When asked to replace any files, choose yes
  • Now reboot systemctl reboot.
  • Once back to desktop open a terminal and install the following - cleanjaro-kde-settings sddm-cleanjaro-theme cleanjaro-release
    If you're asked to replace any files, select yes. If there's a package conflict, just remove it first with sudo pacman -Rdd {packagename} and then continue with the installation.
  • Next install linux-latest package. This will remove linux52 and install the Cleanjaro linux53 kernel along with any extra modules you have installed already.
  • [optional] If you'd like to to use the programs Cleanjaro has when you use the ISO to install. Just install the following packages - sudo pacman -Syu neofetch transmission-qt plasmafox kompare vim).
  • [optional but recommended] Install using mhwd or the mhwd-kernel command in terminal, a Manjaro kernel as a backup (for instance, linux419lts). It's a good policy to have more than one kernel anyway, but incase there's an update and the CJ kernel doesn't boot (If it hasn't been rebuilt yet for instance) then you can simply use the backup kernel until the CJ kernel is available.
  • [optional but recommended] Grab the wonderful wallpapers by @SGS with - sudo pacman -Syu cleanjaro-wallpapers-by-sgs

Now we need to add some code to the /etc/environment and ~/.bashrc files.

Open the .bashrc file and down near the bottom will be the section for alias.
Example of the alias section:

alias cp="cp -i"                          # confirm before overwriting something
alias df='df -h'                          # human-readable sizes
alias free='free -m'                      # show sizes in MB
alias np='nano -w PKGBUILD'
alias more=less

Add this below the last line of the alias.

sudo () {
    if [[ -z "$@" ]]; then
        command sudo
        if [[ "$@" = *"pip"* ]]; then
            echo -e "\e[1m\e[31mERROR:\e[0m Running pip as root is not allowed!"
            echo -e "\e[1m\e[33mINFO:\e[0m  A correct usage example is 'pip install --user <package>'"
            command sudo "$@"

Now we need to add a line to the /etc/environment file.
Open it up with sudo nano /etc/environment
and add the following


[Note - that the sudo function in the alias above stops a user issuing pip with sudo rights.]

To use it, in terminal type pacdiff to view apacnew file. Press v to view!

That's it! Enjoy Cleanjaro KDE edition! :racing_car:

Converting Cleanjaro back to Manjaro

  1. Remove the Cleanjaro repo from /etc/pacman.conf with sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf. Then delete or comment out
SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server = https://majinbuu.com/cleanjaro/
  1. Remove the Cleanjaro settings files with sudo pacman -R cleanjaro-kde-settings sddm-cleanjaro-theme cleanjaro-release
  2. Refresh your mirrors and update sudo pacman -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu
  3. Install Manjaro settings files. sudo pacman -Syu manjaro-kde-settings manjaro-release
  4. Reboot to a Manjaro backup kernel (such as linux419lts) and remove the Cleanjaro kernel with sudo pacman -Rns linux53 linux-latest Replacing linux53 with whatever the current version is.
  5. Reboot.
  6. Install the latest manjaro kernel with mhwd-kernel -l, choose your kernel and install with mhwd-kernel -i linuxXX.
  7. Done, welcome back to Manjaro edition.

The other option is simply to format and reinstall using the latest Manjaro ISO of your choice. :grin:

That's it for the CJ > MJ conversion.

Enjoy either one. I'm really having a great experience with the trimmed down Cleanjaro and it's speed.
You thought Manjaro was fast before!? :wink:


The proper way to set DIFFPROG is by using environment variables, not aliases.
For example, in /etc/environment

So by adding a handful of programs we dont use the system suddenly becomes faster?

Or is the kernel coming with some extra special sauce ?


I didn't know that. Thanks for pointing it out. :smiley:

I didn't write the alias though.
I'm sure @anon34396487 will see this though. :grin:


I generally find overwriting a normal action with an alias to be grotesque in the extreme.

pacdiff should be pacdiff not some random thing someone else hijacked it to be.

(at one point manjaro shipped 'top' to be aliased to 'top -h' or similar .. it was just annoying - you couldnt change options or use top like normal)


i think it's about what's not in it. :smirk:


...but nothing in this guide removes anything ...
[besides the kernel .. replacing it with the 'cleanjaro' version ... which is what exactly ?]

BTW @Sinister I have to guess this is not the actual URL:

Server = https://mandibular/cleanjaro

Whoops! Corrected. I read this thing about a dozen times and missed that every single time. :grimacing:
Thanks. :grin:


Good work, @Sinister!



Nice and clear. Thanks!!!


I'm more of Streapjaro fan, with all the Washjaro patches and Decojaro touches, so it doesn't end in being a Streepjaro, but kudos for the howto :wink:


Good job!
Some typo errors. packages are not capitalized :wink:

You might want to explain/warn when removing kernel, that you should have booted on a different one, before you start the conversion checklist.


@bogdancovaciu - That's a lot of *jaros! :wink:

@AgentS - Thanks for the corrections. I swear I read this thing a million times. sigh Also, thank you for the suggestion. I'll add that a little later today after I've consumed my required amount of coffee to function properly.. :grin:


Oh, you you ... Now i have to explain myself. :stuck_out_tongue: The point was that i prefer a clean install of Cleanjaro, no conversions.
So far i have only good things to say about it, already presented in the download post of it, and is my favorite spin for the same very reasons :wink:


I got what you were saying. I was just being a smart a$$, :wink:

I prefer the clean install as well. But since if such an easy conversion I thought this would be a nice bit of info for some.

I'm very much enjoying the CJ as well. Nice to hear you are too. :hugs:


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