Disconnect from protonvpn

you can not believe how much i was try to fix this problem it is really important to me i changed the password like many times i just disconnect other devices from protonmail and still have the same problem even i create a new protonmail account where the problem i just can not see it i just really want how to fix this it is really important i use protonvpn like daily use before i reinstall manjaro i forget to logout from protonvpn and while i install protonvpn and create even new account still tell me can not connect with two devices i mean this account it is already new i just never connect even with my laptop how could there another connected?

Edit: the funny thing i was try to figure out and i just log in in my phone by the same account and work soo good i think the problem on my laptop not on my account so how i can disconnect connection on manjaro?

If you are using the free plan then you can only have one active connection at a time.

If you are using the same account on your phone and you laptop then you will have to disconnect one to use the other. Or register a second account for use with one or the other.

Just click on disconnect …

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