Disabling ozone on Chrome 95 in order to use hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration worked fine on Chrome 94 after disabling Ozone platform (--disable-features=UseOzonePlatform) but after updating to Chrome 95, this does not seem to work. How do I enable hardware acceleration again?

My chrome-flags.conf file looks like this:

--gpu-testing-vendor-id=0x8086 --gpu-testing-device-id=0x5917

looks as if its end of the line for HW video acceleration for chrome on X11/VAAPI. you cannot disable ozone-platform anymore.

i reported a bug in chrome, and it was soon merged to countless other bugs with their jargon to nullify supporting people on X11/VAAPI. i’m not even sure whether it works on wayland. i’ve seen countless people complaining having ozone enabled crashes chrome in wayland before. the cross chatter in the bugs implied they are in a hurry to set ozone in stone and deprecate X11 legacy parts.

i’ve given up

did bit of digging up on the bug i reported and the final bug that it was merged into. apparently their fix will only available in chrome 96.


Thanks, I hope they fix it in chrome 96 :disappointed:

pretty dickish move to disable, disabling of ozone if they were even bothered about pending fix to video acceleration that depends on it. i guess forcing zone was planned way before the the bug was fixed.