Disabling multiple desktop option

Ran into a snafu in KDE which was fixed, but now mouse arrow hitting top left corner results in reducing desktop size to allow one to go to another desktop. BTW I am a single monitor user. I do remember running into this in the past but forget what I need to toggle to disable it. Do know it is a default option to have it on and understand why. I just don’t want it on.

To disable extra desktops then … remove them.

I’m on plasma 6 now so the exact path may have changed, but here its
System Settings > Window Management > Virtual Desktops

(that is click the little trash icon next to all the entries besides one)

Though your original issue…

Could be more precisely managed by
System Settings > Mouse & Trackpad > Screen Edges

As shown in the pic below where no edge actions are defined.
(or you could define something else)

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