Disabling Laptop built in keyboard

Hello all. I’ve been searching the interwebs for a way to disable my laptop built in keyboard on Manjaro or Arch but havent been able to find any resources on the said topic. My keyboard has gone all funky on me and I get random key presses from a variety of keys on the keyboard. I rarely use my laptop without a usb keyboard and mouse so the built in keyboard really doesnt matter to me much. Can someone please recommend a method to disable the built in keyboard of my laptop via software (like the xinput in debian based distros)? I’m currently using an HP laptop HP AY105NE running Manjaro 20.0.3 with linux kernel version 5.6.19-2. With the current situation I would love to not open my laptop and remove the ribbon cable.
Thank you.

xinput is also available in Manjaro, by installing xorg-xinput. Then note down the id of your keyboard from

xinput list | grep "AT Translated Set 2 keyboard"

and disable it by

xinput float <id>

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Thank you! That worked like a charm.

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