Disabling KVM temporarily

I am running KVM on my manjaro powered Laptop. I order to get an .ova running (which can’t be achieved as per this thread I am thinking on running vmware Player on the same manjaro host.

I doubt they can co-exist, so I am wondering what needs to be done to get KVM temporarily out of the way. As there seems to be now service running I guess the kernel module needs to be pulled off. How would you do that?

They can’t co-exist, but you can see Converting ova to qcow2 - Rico Sharp

  1. thx. I have no problem with the conversion. It does not work though in this case apparently
  2. it seems I was wrong … there is a libvirtd service. Would it be sufficient to power that off (systemctl stop libvirtd) and then start/run vmware Player?

You can safely try this yourself, as there are no permanent changes made to your system.

true, will do