Disabling autostarts reliably (autotiling in particular)

For some reason, my sway started autotiling today.

(I’m not sure why - I don’t recall updating it recently. Perhaps this is what you get when your uptime stretches into weeks at a time: surprises that seem to come out of nowhere when you reboot?)

I see that $autotiling is inside exec in /etc/sway/config.d/99-autostart-applications.conf. I’d like to unset it the right way.

I’ve successfully turned $flashfocus off with a simple set $flashfocus "" inside $HOME/.config/sway/definitions.d/autostart.conf. When I tried the same with $autofocus, sway just sneered at me in open defiance and autotiled further. My windows are brazenly autotiled as I type this.

Is there a better way to unset an application from autostarting? I’m getting close to just sudoediting the damn config in /etc.

I suspect that this has to do with the switch back to autotiling. Eitherway, autotiling-rs and autotiling are optional dependencies and you should be able to just uninstall them.

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