Disabling auto-mute during startup

Im struggling with disabling auto-mute during kde startup
kde has a lovely startup sound and i want to hear it on every boot :smiley:

I know that arch wiki has 3 different ways achieving that but in my case nothing works so far , during every boot pulseaudio is muted

on alsamixer the auto-mute is absent its not there so i get an error that i cant find auto-mute option to disable

amixer --card=0 sset ‘Auto-Mute Mode’ Disabled
amixer: Unable to find simple control ‘Auto-Mute Mode’,0


It’s not an auto-mute. Startup sound is effectively broken in the latest Plasma releases. Manjaro is not the only distribution affected by this, and the problem is known to the upstream KDE developers. :man_shrugging:


startup sound will be something beautiful to have,
but its not about that , kde starts muted i have to manually unmute it every time, and archwiki doesnt helped me so far

Try to unmute it using alsamixer and then store the settings with sudo alsactl store

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