Disable window transparency for some programs

Mostly, I like a little transparency on inactive windows as set through Settings Manager > Window Manager Tweaks > Compositor > Opacity of inactive windows.

However, when running programs with multiple windows, like Ardour or Scribus, this setting makes the main window transparent when one of the “sub-window” dialogs are active. This I don’t like.

Of course the easy solution is just to switch off the compositor transparency, but I’m hoping there’s a way to make one program behave as if it was one window? So in Scribus, when selecting the Properties window, the main window would still be opaque.

Sorry, but on XFCE there are no such rules available. Only on or off. But it seems KDE have such rules:

Ok, this is what I do and it is easy. Warning, it will disable transparency on all apps windows, which I never was keen on in the first place. :slight_smile:

First disable compositing in KDE. The download and install a different compositor: xcompmgr

It is in the repositories. Just click and install. Then put it in your autostart folder.

What I like is the fade in and out effect you get. Anything with text never turns transparent, which I appreciate. You can tweak it with command line switches. I have it to fade out slowly like this:

-f -O .0.38

Put the above line in your autostart too if you think you might like it. You will probably have fun tweaking it.

Panels and system menus stay transparent, so does my clock/calendar widget when I click on it.

It is simple and yet gives a nice amount of eye candy effects. Bug free too.

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