Disable updating nvidia drivers


Current update contains new nvidia drivers version 495 which doesn’t support my adapter (GTX 770). How can I prevent installed version (470) from being updated?


470 and 495 are different series … you dont lose 470 as it does not ‘update to’ 495.
Also you cant/shouldnt avoid updates, especially for a handful of packages, on a rolling release unless you have a very good reason and can manage it manually.

If you want to be sure, just use mhwd or MSM:

(I guess after upgrade, select or force-reinstall the 470 profile)

Hi cscs, I did allow full update on my Cinnamon install and it didn’t boot to login screen, probably because the new drivers. Also, I had a similar problem with an ArcoLinux installation, after which I had to manually download and install 470 driver package from nvidia.


…How does that interfere with you using mhwd to install/reinstall/select the 470?
(and uninstall/deselect 490?)
This could be done either after upgrade and before the reboot … or even after upgrade/no-login with TTY as shown here:

I tried using mhwd recently to test open source drivers but it didn’t work, nvidia drivers were not removed.

I already linked how to use mhwd. There is nothing wrong with it. Remove what you want. Install what you want. I dont know what you did in the past … but even in Unstable we have the 470 series available still:

$ mhwd -la | grep nvidia | awk '{ print $1 }' | sort

Right, I will try that again. Thanks.

It didn’t work. At first mhwd failed because xorg-server was in conflict with xf86-something. Updated it and retried. Second time it reported sucess, but didn’t boot to login screen. Tried manually installal of nvidia drivers, it failed because “Unable to find the kernel source tree for the currently running kernel”.

I’m pretty sure that relates to kernel headers do you have necessary kernel headers installed?

Secceeded, at last. Not sure exactly how, took a lot of tinkering. Thanks for pointing the direction.

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True. Thanks.

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