Disable Touchscreen on my HP Pavilion x360

Hi, the touchscreen on my HP Pavilion x360 is acting wonky and sometimes registers random touches (perhaps the hinge is acting up a bit).

I would like to disable the touchscreen till I can get it fixed.

I have tried using xinput disable to achieve this.

My xinput list is as below:

Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)]
⎜ ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ xwayland-pointer:17 id=6 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ xwayland-relative-pointer:17 id=7 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ xwayland-touch:17 id=9 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ xwayland-tablet stylus:17 id=10 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ xwayland-tablet eraser:17 id=11 [slave pointer (2)]
⎜ ↳ xwayland-tablet cursor:17 id=12 [slave pointer (2)]
⎣ Virtual core keyboard id=3 [master keyboard (2)]
↳ Virtual core XTEST keyboard id=5 [slave keyboard (3)]
↳ xwayland-keyboard:17 id=8 [slave keyboard (3)]

As you can see, the corresponding id for touchscreen is 9.

However, when I run xinput disable 9 I get the below message:

WARNING: running xinput against an Xwayland server. See the xinput man page for details.

Can someone please help me. Thanks in advance.

I don’t use Wayland yet, but I usually use xinput list-props <device id> to list device properties, then find property id for “device enabled” and use xinput set-prop <device id> <property id> 0 to disable it instead of disabling the whole device.

The message is just a warning, may not be a harm but not sure if it works or not. If it works, just ignore it.