Disable the grub bootloader of fedora and enable the grub bootloader of manjaro

i installed fedora alongside manjaro kde and now fedora grub menu is popping up during boot i want to disable that.

i previously had turned of grub menu in manjaro by setting


i tried changing these settings back to


but it had no change
of course i did sudo update-grub

what i want to achieve
1.grub menu should not pop up during boot manjaro kde should be booted
2.i should be able to make the manjaro boot menu work by changing the /etc/deafult/grub so that i can boot fedora when i need

Depending on your system.

Most likely you should just rearrange the boot order in your firmware.

im a noob in linux .can you explain how to do that or maybe provide links where i can read about it

systemctl reboot --firmware-setup
Cannot indicate to EFI to boot into setup mode: Firmware does not support boot into firmware.

and if my guess is right you are thinking that i have fedora and manjaro on different hard drives but thats not the case

No - I was thinking you were running an EFI/GPT system

In any case read this wiki page

There is too many factors to consider - and any deviation from your actual configuration will not be helpful. As example - Fedora usually installs using LVM - so if this is the case - anyone here telling you what to do could potentially cause your Fedora to fail - and no one here wants provide you with copy-paste examples which may cause more problems.

Now that I have properly warned you - the basics for installing the grub boot to a BIOS system is as follows - replace /dev/sdX with the actual primary boot device path and execute as root (e.g. using su or sudo)

grub-install --target=i386-pc /dev/sdX
grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

i have only one hard drive and it is /dev/sda so sdx is sda in my case right?
sorry if im being stupid

That will be correct.

Linux is fundamentally different than Windows so learning Linux can be challenging when the only thing you are used to is Windows.

It took me several years of hard work, trial’n’error to get where I am today.

Failure is the greatest teacher of all - if you learn from them.

Most of all it requires persistence and courage to keep going.

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Manjaro grub can boot other distros but other distros have difficulty booting Manjaro @linux-aarhus is far far more knowledgeable than me so is better placed to help.

But what I’ve done in the past after installing another distro (mint) alongside manjaro is use a live manjaro USB and then chroot to install/update grub to manjaro.

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