Disable suspend when no user logged in

Hi, I would like to disable suspend timer when the computer boots up. The problem is that when I boot Manjaro and do not login, after a while it suspends itself. Even though someone is logged in via SSH.

Is there a way to disable the suspend timer completely?

  • Turn the pc on.
  • Let the display manager be there, I don’t want to login.
  • I might or might not SSH into this machine.
  • Prevent the machine from suspending.

How can I achieve this? I do use Manjaro Gnome (Testing) if it helps.

I found an old thread from 2020 but there doesn’t seem to be a solution.
archived. forum. manjaro. org/t/turn-off-acpi-suspend-timer-when-no-user-is-logged-in/127465/4

I don’t thnk this is possible.

You will have to disable hibernation/suspend entirely as there is no functional difference between being logged in or not.

But here’s a thought

If you create a systemd user service which enables upon login of your specific username - you then leave the computer - it suspends - you forget - you leave for work - you need your ssh service - no answer.

To me it seems like an unwanted side effect.

Better to disable hibernation/suspend completely.